Trefoil™ All-on-3​

All on 3 Denture Procedure at Mile High

Mile High Denture & Implant Centers provide dental implant procedures to execute the Trefoil™ All-on-3 procedure. The Trefoil™ system is a breakthrough in efficiency for treating the edentulous mandible with a fixed and definitive prosthesis on the day of surgery.

Trefoil All On 3 Front Image - Mile High Dental Centers

An Innovation in Denver

An innovation that brings new efficiencies at almost every step – from the manufacture of components to definitive restoration. The Trefoil™ system offers reduced chair time and shorter time-to-teeth compared to conventional treatment by combining:

  • A pre-manufactured titanium bar
  • A simplified restorative workflow
  • A fixed and definitive acrylic prosthesis
  • Reduced restorative componentry

Modern dental implant technology can restore your quality of life with teeth that are strong and that look and feel natural.

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