Metal-Free Implants

A Unique Metal-Free, Two-Piece Ceramic Dental Implant Solution

NobelPearl™ is a 100% metal-free, two-piece ceramic implant solution with a cement-free internal connection, providing a unique new alternative to titanium. Designed to support a natural soft-tissue appearance, NobelPearl™ implants can help patients gain the natural aesthetic excellence they desire.

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Benefits of Metal-Free Implants

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The innovative metal-free VICARBO® screw is made of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer and designed for a strong ceramic-to-ceramic connection.


The hydrophilic sand-blasted and acid-etched ZERAFIL™ surface, combined with a partially machined collar, is proven to osseointegrate.6,7


NobelPearl™ implants and abutments are milled from hot isostatic-pressed (HIP) zirconia (ATZ*) blanks, which are proven to be strong. No thermal process (sintering) or finishing takes place after the final shaping of the external and internal implant geometry. This manufacturing method enables a high level of dimensional precision and accuracy.


Plan your treatment with NobelClinician Software and perform guided implant surgery with NobelGuide pilot drilling. Additionally, you can offer patients the NobelPearl™ Ceramic Base CAD/CAM solution using DTX StudioTMdesign software.

Discover the unique INTER-X CONNECTION

The Inter-X internal connection is specifically designed for ceramic implants. While the ceramic absorbs compressive forces, the VICARBO®screw made of carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK withstands tensile forces thanks to its continuous longitudinal carbon fibers.

The abutment’s simple placement and secure seating is enabled by the connection’s high-precision geometry.

The slightly beveled contact surface of the implant platform is designed to facilitate the centering of the prosthetic components while the four interlocks prevent abutment rotation within the implant.

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