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Dentist in Denver.pngMile High Dental & Implant Centers in Denver, Colorado complete general dental procedures such as dental fillings, dental crowns, root canal (s) and much more.  We accept most dental insurances such as, Delta Dental Insurance, Cigna Dental Insurance and Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Insurance.

Mile High Dental & Implant Centers have four convenient Denver metro area locations in Denver, Lakewood, Westminster & Englewood, Colorado.

Dental fillings are needed when decay has formed a “hole” in the tooth.  If dental decay is not removed it can become a trap for food and bacteria.  Dental cavities continue to worsen until the area is properly cleaned of any decayed tooth and replaced with a dental filling such as composite or white dental fillings.  stock-photo-28386978-joyful-mature-woman-smiling.jpgIf cavity is left for too long the decay will grow and reach the root or pulp of the tooth.  Once dental decay has reached the root or pulp of the tooth it is no longer as simple as a dental filling.  Further treatment such as porcelain dental crowns or root canal treatment is necessary.  When dental fillings are small the dental treatment is affordable and often times covered mostly by dental insurance.  Mile High Dental & Implant Centers offers general dental exams that are covered by dental insurance in most cases to help keep a lookout for dental decay or periodontal disease.

Our Denver dental & implant dentists, Dr. Malcolm Boone, Dr. Ryan Cable, Dr. Ted Hauschildt, Dr. Chad Boustany, Dr. Ailar Bagherdaei, and Dr. Joseph Novak custom create dental treatments to fit each dental patient's specific requests.

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