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Dentist in Denver.pngMile High Dental & Implant Centers in Denver, Colorado complete dental procedures such as dental crowns, dental bridges, root canal (s) and much more.  We accept most dental insurances such as, Delta Dental Insurance, Cigna Dental Insurance and Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Insurance.

Mile High Dental & Implant Centers have four convenient Denver metro area locations in Denver, Lakewood, Westminster & Englewood, Colorado.

stock-photo-42172576-happy-mature-woman-looking-in-the-mirror.jpgDental crowns help protect damaged or decayed teeth to a point where a dental filling cannot be completed.  Dental crowns look act and function like a real tooth.  Dental crowns are made out of porcelain or porcelain fused to metal when additional strength is needed.

Our Denver dental & implant specialists, Dr. Malcolm Boone, Dr. Ryan Cable, Dr. Ted Hauschildt, Dr. Chad Boustany, Dr. Ailar Bagherdaei, and Dr. Joseph Novak custom create dental crown treatments to fit each dental patient's specific requests.

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