Fixed Implant Bridges vs. Snap-in Dentures

Are you missing some teeth and wondering what your best options for replacement teeth are besides dentures? At Mile High Dental & Implant Centers, you have plenty of choices, like fixed implant bridges or snap-on dentures. Both work well with your existing teeth and gums while providing a healthy alternative to dentures.

Fixed dental implant bridgeWhat is a Fixed Bridge?

We’ll start by talking about fixed implant bridges. These bridges can replace anywhere from a few missing teeth to a full arch of missing teeth. It is a permanent option, as the replacement teeth are fixed to the jawbone with implants acting as tooth roots. They are like natural teeth in that they are very strong and will need to be brushed and flossed. Depending on how many teeth are missing, the bridge will need to be anchored in strategic places so that it has a stronghold. This option is great for those who want a permanent option and don’t mind the upkeep.

snap-on dentureWhat are Snap-in Dentures?

Next, we will discuss implant-supported dentures, also known as overdentures. These are a full replacement denture that acts like a traditional denture in that the gums provide support. However, these dentures differ in that they are stabilized by dental implants. This allows for the denture to “snap” into the implants for stability while retaining its removability. Snap-on dentures are great for someone who likes the ability to remove their dentures. Plus, there is no need to floss!

Dental Implant Bridges vs. Snap-on Dentures

Either option will provide the user with a much-improved experience over traditional dentures.

Fixed Implant Bridges


  • Durable and can last a lifetime.
  • Maintain the shape of your smile while preserving the jawbone.
  • Worry-free, no-slip solution.
  • Look and function like natural teeth.


  • More expensive upfront, though less expensive than replacing missing teeth with implants.
  • Require upkeep just like natural teeth.


Implant Snap Dentures


  • Lower cost upfront.
  • Flexibility to remove them and not have to floss.
  • More stability.
  • Retains jawbone mass compared to conventional dentures.


  • Will not last a lifetime and will need to be replaced.
  • Surgery might make some patients nervous.

We hope this helps you have a better idea of both fixed dental implant bridges and implant snap dentures. Each offers its own advantages and disadvantages so the ultimate decision lies between you and your Mile High dentist.

To learn more about the difference between fixed implant and implant snap dentures contact us or call (303) 451-1111.

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