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Cost of Dentures Denver

Dentures Denver.pngDenture costs can be spread out over time with convenient payment plans.  Unlike dental offices without denture labs, Mile High Dental & Implant Centers have onsite denture labs that allow costs of dentures to remain affordable. 

The cost of dentures is based on each individual, because Mile High Dental & Implant Centers is an All-In-One center this means you will have one cost for your entire denture procedures.  Each one of our four Denver metro area locations has onsite dental labs, full-time dental lab technicians and onsite denture dentists to place your beautiful new dentures.


Our Denver dental & implant specialists, Dr. Malcolm Boone, Dr. Ryan Cable, Dr. Ted Hauschildt, Dr. Chad Boustany, Dr. Ailar Bagherdaei, and Dr. Joseph Novak custom create dentures to fit each dental patient's specific requests.

Call today to schedule your complimentary denture consultation and complimentary 3D CAT scan to get your personalized cost at (303) 451-1111.

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