Partial Dentures

removable partial denturesMile High Dental & Implant Centers in Denver, Colorado have been replacing missing teeth since opening in 1979. Our denture dentists have placed over 10,000 partial dentures in the 35+ years of our dental practice.

When you’re missing one or more teeth, the bite pressures inside the mouth change. The other teeth can start to move to compensate for the gap. This movement can also cause shrinking in the gums and jawbone.

Fortunately, partial dentures can help you avoid these issues. They’re made from removable gum-colored bases with replacement teeth attached. When our patients choose any type of partial dentures, they keep full functioning and aesthetics of their mouths.

Types of Partial Dentures

Cast Metal Removable
The most common type of partial denture consists of replacement teeth on a cast metal frame. This attaches to existing teeth with metal clasps and fills in the gap with replacement teeth.

Acrylic Removable (Flipper)
An acrylic removable partial denture, or “flipper,” consists of replacement teeth set in a pink acrylic base. It is attached to the natural teeth with metal clasps. The acrylic base is considered bulky with the metal clasps being visible when a person talks and smiles. Usually, patients use this type of partial denture while a more permanent solution is being created.

Flexible partial dentures are made of thin heat-sensitive plastic and are great for those who experience discomfort from cast metal or acrylic partial dentures. This type of denture is more comfortable. Gum-colored clasps fit into the natural spaces around natural teeth, creating a more realistic appearance.

Fixed Bridge
For those missing a couple of teeth, fixed bridges are a popular choice. The device has at least two crowns on each end with filler teeth in the middle, bridging it all together. The crowns are placed over the existing natural teeth, anchoring it all securely.

Implant-Supported Fixed Bridge
When there are at least three teeth missing in a row, a fixed bridge can be secured with dental implants on each end instead of crowns. The implants are placed directly into the jawbone, giving more stability and function.

Benefits of Partial Dentures

  • Gums, jawbone, facial muscles will stay activated, preventing further shifting.
  • Less invasive than implants.
  • Improve the aesthetics and functionality of the mouth.

Choose Us for Your Partial Dentures

We have four convenient dentist office locations in Westminster, Golden/Lakewood, Englewood, and Colorado Springs. Each one of our locations has onsite partial denture laboratories, full-time denture lab technicians, and experienced denture dentists. Since we have everything in one spot, partial dentures can be placed the same day teeth are removed.

We can also repair dentures within a few hours because of our onsite denture labs. We can give you an estimate on upgrading your partial dentures at no cost to you while you wait for your denture repair too.

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