Dentures vs. Dental Implants

Dental ChairOur offices in Denver, Colorado provides all spectrums of dental care, such as dental implants, root canals, partial and full dentures, and many dental procedures based on our dental patient’s needs.

When considering replacing some or all of your teeth with dental implants, full dentures, or partial dentures, recognize what is important to you.

Dental Implant Pros & Cons

  1. Pro: Dental implants function like real teeth. Dental implants allow you to eat and chew without messy adhesives, unlike full dentures or partial dentures
  2. Pro: Dental implants last a lifetime in most cases.  Dental implants do not decay or abscess like real teeth. The cost of dental implants includes a lifetime of use and function
  3. Pro:  Dental Implants do not come loose like full dentures.
  4. Pro:  Dental implants look like real teeth.
  5. Pro:  Dental implants help prevent jaw bone loss and gum loss.
  6. Con: Dental implants’ cost will initially cost more.  We offer a range of affordable dental implant options.

Denture Pros & Cons

  1. Pro: Removing abscessed teeth reduces cardiovascular risk.
  2. Pro:  Dentures made at Mile High Dental & Implant Centers will give you a beautiful smile/
  3. Con:  Dentures have to be replaced frequently due to bone loss and gum loss.
  4. Con:  Dentures, especially lower dentures, do not fit comfortably.
  5. Con:  Chewing foods like steak, salad and bread can be difficult, if not impossible.
  6. Con:  Dentures do not function like real teeth or dental implant teeth.

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