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Dental Implants Denver.pngMile High Dental & Implant Centers in Denver offers single dental implants or multiple dental implants.  When single or multiple teeth fail replacing teeth with a dental implants provides a long term solution.  Prior to dental implants, root canal tooth treatments or traditional dental bridges were the modern solution to keep fixed teeth in place.  Root canal & bridge treatments have an average lifespan of approximately 10 years.

The failure rates of root canal treated teeth initially can be as high as 50%.  If you compare this to a dental implant placed at one of our four Denver metro area locations you have a 48.2% higher likelihood of initial (immediate) failure of a root canal then a dental implant.  Once a root canal fails it must be extracted and replaced with a dental implant or a fixed traditional dental bridge.  Single dental implants or multiple dental implants provide life time solutions in most cases.  This allows Mile High Dental & Implant Center’s dental implant patients to pay for just one procedure rather than a root canal procedure and then the dental implant procedure (s).

3_unit_implant_bridge_ti_abutments_1l_red.JPGTraditional fixed dental bridges required the infected tooth or teeth to be removed.  Once this is completed the teeth on either side of the dental extraction areas are ground down.  Once this is completed a bridge of teeth are fused together.  This puts stress on the dental bridge abutment teeth.  This adds one and a half to two times the stress of chewing and biting on these teeth.  An average life span of a traditional dental bridge last 8 to 10 years.  Once the dental bridge fails, a single tooth replacement turns into replacing two or more teeth.  Having a single dental implant or multiple dental implants allows Mile High Dental & Implant Centers in Denver to replace missing or failing teeth one time.

There are many reasons why people lose more than one tooth, such as illness, an accident or simply inheriting poor teeth. This can have a serious impact on your quality of life and it determines how you approach day to day life in the future. 

The benefits of single dental implants or multiple dental implants completed at Mile High Dental & Implant Centers in Denver are numerous.  Dental implants look like real teeth.  Dental implants function like real teeth.  Dental implants do not decay like root canals, dental crowns or dental bridges.  Dental implants last a lifetime in most cases, the cost of dental implants are the most affordable option.

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