Dental Implants

The Cost of Dental Implants

Make an Investment in your Healthy Future

dental implant consultation appointment

What is the value of enjoying foods you love? Or smiling and laughing without embarrassment? What is the worth of saying goodbye to the ongoing stress and burden of failing dentistry solutions?

Our specialists will help you navigate the financial investment in the healthy smile you deserve. Unlike procedures like a root canal that may have to be redone in time, in most cases dental implants last a lifetime!

We’ll help you feel informed and confident in your financial options, including convenient and affordable payment plans.

We’ve heard patients say they could have saved thousands of dollars and hassle by choosing an implant instead of costly failed and repeated root canals.

Managing the Cost of Dental Implants

Contact us today to learn more about what treatment and financing options may be best for you and schedule your complimentary dental implant consultation and 3-D CT scan.

The cost of dental implants can be spread out over time with convenient payment plans.  Unlike root canal costs that you pay again and again, dental implants last in most cases a lifetime.