Dental Implants

Dental Implant FAQ

What is the difference between root canal teeth and dental implant teeth?

Root canal treatments have been used in modern dentistry for at least 50 years. A root canal provides a pain free tooth by taking the pulp or nerve out of the abscessed tooth.  As time passes, root canal teeth become brittle, decay and oftentimes fracture at the gum line.  Once this happens a new dental crown with a pin is drilled into the brittle remains of the root canal tooth (dead tooth).

The average root canal tooth only lasts about 10 years.  Once the root canal tooth is unable to be re crowned or saved it needs to be extracted and replaced.  This is true if a twenty year male were to have a root canal or if a fifty year old woman were to have a root canal.

Replacing teeth with dental implants at Mile High Dental & Implant Centers in Denver allows a tooth to be replaced with a mechanical tooth that looks, acts and functions like a real tooth.  Dental implants are a lifetime solution in most cases.  With a dental implant you replace the missing or failing teeth one time with only one cost.

Why doesn’t my general dentist offer dental implants?

Most dentists lack the knowledge and facilities to offer such advanced dental implants. You do not want to be the first patient that a dentist has completed a dental implant on. In fact, you do not want to be one of the first 50 dental implants placed!

Our dental implant dentists have trained clinically for 100s of hours and place thousands of dental implants and fixed dental implant teeth.  Each one of our four Colorado locations have a 3D CAT scan, which allows us to see the dental nerves & sinus cavities.  Placing dental implants without a 3D CAT scan can be hazardous to your dental health.

What implants do you use?

At our Denver dental & implant centers, dental implant teeth are placed using only Nobel Biocare dental implants.  These dental implants have been clinically tested for years prior to being used at Mile High Dental & Implant Centers. The success rate is an astounding 98.2%.

Our dental implant dentists only use Nobel Biocare dental implants.  Nobel are the only researched and proven brand of dental implants.  Off-brand implants do not have the clinical testing completed that Nobel Biocare dental implants boast.  Dental implants have been used in mainstream dentistry for over 30 years.  Using the best dental implant on the market only provides a higher quality of dental treatment.  Are you willing to risk your dental health with an off-brand dental implant?

Will dental implant teeth look like my real teeth?

No one will know that you have dental implant teeth other than you and your dental implant dentist.  Once the healing is completed, a custom CAD/CAM milled porcelain crown will be placed on your dental implant or dental implants. These will be made to exactly match your real teeth. The dental patient will never go without teeth and the permanent dental implant teeth will fit confidently against the healed gum. This fit ensures that foods do not become logged underneath the dental implant teeth and will assure the best-looking dental implant teeth in Denver!

For further information on dental implant teeth, give us a call at (303) 451-1111 or request a free consultation.