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Cost of Dental implants

Jul 02, 2018

Gary girl front desk 480x270.jpgDental implants are the next best thing to your natural teeth, but are they worth it? Implants consist of a titanium screw surgically implanted into the jawbone and used as an anchor for a crown, bridge, or full or partial denture. It replaces the roots of a missing tooth. Implants, in our opinion, are a great investment. Implants last for life, with only a 5% failure rate. They are built to last, unlike dental bridges, which have an average lifespan of around 6 years.

Implants give you your confidence back! It’s hard to compute just how much your confidence is worth, but we think it is everything! All smiles weren’t created equal, but we think that everyone deserves to feel confident in their smile! Implants can be put applied in one day, and they allow you to retain your natural smile, unlike other alternatives. 

While the initial investment may be substantial, we feel that implants are the most efficient and effective way to get your confident smile back! Dental implant treatment by proven implant dentists has a track record of reliable, long-term successful outcomes and is often considered “more predictable” than other treatments to repair or replace missing teeth, including bridgework, removable appliances, and retreatment of failing root canal (endodontic) therapy. Call Mile High Dental & Implant Centers for your FREE consultation today! Implants are worth every penny, and we are here to answer any doubts that you have against them!


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I love the staff and Dr. Cable at this office. They are all very understanding and kind. Before finding them I hadn't been to a dentist in many years. But than I found them and I faithfully go every six months. Thank you for giving me great service.

Goldie B.

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