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Beware of Imposter Dental Implants

Dec 01, 2016

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Often advertisements will offer dental implants in a day for an extraordinary low price. These promotions are usually too good to be true. We hear from patients all the time that they discovered these method included using off brand dental implants or even worse, mini dental implants.

Mile High Dental & Implant Centers exclusively use Nobel Biocare dental implants when placing the All-On-4 dental implant teeth in a day system.  The results of over 10 years of clinical testing show Nobel Biocare dental implants to have a 98.2% success rate.

Nobel Biocare has a number of benefits that make them superior to off brand competitors:

1. Signature thread pattern bond coupled with Ti-Unite coating.

Using Nobel Biocare’s signature thread pattern bonds dental implants to the jaw bone immediately. When paired with the Ti-Unite coating, the healing time becomes many time faster than off brand dental implants.

2. Increased success rates

Long term clinical testing has not been completed for any other dental implant teeth in a day method. Most success come from the fast and successful bonding process. Without sufficient bonding failure rates significantly rise past the low 1.8% of Nobel Biocare. Many long-term failures also can occur with off brands. The result of a long-term failure may leave you with fix that is at double the cost or higher than simply using the best brand the first time.

3. Permanent solution with permanent results.

Often competitors will try to say that using mini dental implants as a long-term solution will save money. However, professionals in the industry often compare this to "replacing your full sized car tires with all spare tires and expecting the car to function the same".  It just doesn’t work.

Staying with a researched and clinically proven dental implant system such as Nobel Biocare allow you the dental implant patient to rest assured that only the best dental implant system is being used, by your highly skilled Mile High Dental & Implant Center dental implant dentist


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