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Types of Dentures

Feb 24, 2015

B4_ret.JPGDentures are the most affordable replacement option for missing or failing teeth and give you back your smile. If you’ve lost some or all of your teeth replacing them will be very beneficial for your confidence. When you lose teeth your facial muscles can start to sag. Bone loss and gum loss result from removing your teeth, all of which age your appearance and cause your face to look collapsed.  Dentures will help to replace the missing teeth and bone. Keep in mind bone loss and gum changes won’t stop unless you consider dental implant solutions, such as dental implant supported dentures.  Dentures will look like your natural teeth so that your smile and appearance will resemble whatyou looked like prior to suffering with failing or missing teeth. Although dentures will improve your look, denture patients may not be able to eat and chew everything they would like.  At Mile High Dental & Implant Centers we use dental implant supported dentures not only to improve your smile but to replace eating function.  At Mile High Dental & Implant Centers we custom design each set of dentures or dental implant supported dentures in our in house dental lab.  This means you have dentures the same day as we remove your failing teeth or other dental situations. Regardless if you need full custom new dentures replacing all missing teeth, or a custom partial denture to replace a few missing teeth, Mile High Dental & Implant Centers can provide it.  We can work with you with one of our outside financing companies, Springstone or Care Credit to make your dentures or dental implant supported dentures affordable. 

Full Dentures 

These are custom fit for every patient giving you a natural look and a comfortable fit.  Our premium denture service uses the highest quality denture materials, and denture teeth and will typically wear longer and be less prone to accidental breakage compared to other Denture Centers. 

Partial Dentures

Unlike a full denture, partial dentures replace some missing teeth. Our partial dentures are custom fit to each patient for a natural look and the most comfortable fit possible.  These are made in our on-site denture and dental laboratories in one of our four locations in Denver, CO, Westminster, CO, Lakewood, CO and Englewood, CO.  

Dental Implant Supported Dentures

Dental implant supported dentures are give you the ability to eat and chew foods that aren’t normally possible with conventional dentures.  They are available as same day dental implant supported dentures, so ask your consultant if you are a candidate for this option.

Mile High Dental & Implant Centers provides all dental services in one convenient location.  Because of our onsite dental and denture laboratories in our dental implant centers in Denver, CO, Westminster, CO, Lakewood, CO and Englewood CO, we are able to provide same day dental implant supported dentures. 


For a limited time Mile High Dental & Implant Centers is offering 500.00 off of any new full denture, partial denture, or dental implant supported denture.

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