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Dental Labs Denver

Mile High Dental & Implant Centers boast a onsite dental lab in each on of our four Denver metro area locations.  Onsite dental labs allow us to control the quality of our dental work.  Dental offices without onsite labs depend on off site labs that are often in another state, or another country.  Not only does this allow for mistakes through miscommunication, but also the quality of the lab tech and the quality of the materials used.

Gary in x ray 480x270.jpgOur highly trained dental techs worked closely with our dental implant dentists to create custom fixed teeth for dental implants & dentures.  Only the highest quality materials are used to ensure a beautiful smile in each and every case.

Our dental lab techs boast years of experience in the All-On-4 dental implant teeth in a day procedures.  Creating a smile in one day takes years of training.  Often times laboratory techs are trained with just a year of experience.  This allows room for error.  Mile High Dental & Implant Center dental techs have 10 years or more specialized training in the teeth in a day methods and conventional dentures.

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