Complimentary Consultation

Affordable Dental Implant Dentists in Denver

Up front costs of dental implants and pricing are important to know.  You will know the costs of dental implants, dentures and general dentistry from start to finish at your first appointment, always.  Our complimentary consultation with a complimentary 3D CAT scan allows us to educate you the patient of your dental options and give a clear price for your entire dental implant treatment, denture treatment or general dental treatment.  Our doctors often hear patients state they did not know the entire cost of a dental implant treatments purposed to them at our offices. 

Our all in one dental & implant centers have onsite 3D CAT scans, onsite dental & implant specialists and onsite dental labs.  Mile High Dental & Implant Centers dentists to... 


For further information call now to schedule your complimentary consultation and complimentary 3D CAT scan at (303) 451-1111.

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