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Dental Implants Denver.pngWhat is the difference between dentures and the All-On-4 dental implant teeth in a day?

Dentures have been around for at least 150 years.  A full set of dentures provides only 10% of the bite force natural or dental implant supported teeth.  As time passes with dentures bone dissolves away.  This is true if a twenty-year male were to have dentures, or if a ninety-year woman were to have dentures.  Everyone loses bone mass. As bone dissolves away dentures fit less comfortably and the bite force (ability to chew) reduces from 10% to eventually not being able to wear dentures at all.  Dental implants maintain bone mass.  Dental implant fix teeth allow you 100% bite force.  Dental implants are a lifetime solution in most cases.  

Why doesn’t my general dentist offer the All-On-4 teeth in a day system?

Most dentists lack the knowledge and facilities to offer such an advanced treatment regimen.  You do not want to be the first patient that a dentist has completed the All-On-4 dental implant treatment on, in fact, you do not want to be one of the first 150! 

Our All-On-4 dental implant teeth in a day dentists have trained clinically for 100's of hours and placed thousands of dental implants and fixed dental implant teeth.

How long has the All-On-4 dental implant teeth in a day system been around?

The All-On-4 dental implant teeth in a day system using only Nobel Biocare dental implants was clinically tested for 10 years prior to being used by Mile High Dental & Implant Centers dental implant dentists.  The success rate is an astounding 98.2%. 

Our All-On-4 dental implant teeth in a day dentists only use Nobel Biocare dental implants.  Nobel is the only researched and proven brand.  Off-brand implants have no clinical testing completed.

Is it safe to use just four dental implants to replace all my upper or lower teeth?

Yes, in fact, because all four dental implants are placed in the most optimal or dense jaw bone is just one of the many reasons for the 98.2% success rate of the All-On-4 dental implant teeth in a day system.  Conventional full arch (upper or lower teeth) replacement often requires extensive dental bone grafting in order to place six to ten dental implants to replace just one dental arch.  Although these dental bone grafts act like catalysts for your own bone to grow, it is never as dense or strong as conventional jaw bone.  This leaves in some cases 50% of the dental implants in a Non-All-On-4 restoration in completely dental bone grafted areas.  This increases the odds of failure significantly versus the All-On-4 teeth in a day system.  All 4 dental implants are in dense, strong bone.

Why do I have to have two sets of dental implant teeth? Teeth model on table 480x270.jpg

Being able to attach fixed dental implant teeth the same day as the dental implants are placed has revolutionized the dental implant field.  Before the All-On-4 dental implant teeth in a day system, dental patients would wait for 6 to 8 months prior to the dental implants even being placed.  Patients were left in uncomfortable dentures, or in certain cases with no teeth at all.  The All-On-4 teeth in a day system allow patients to have fixed teeth the same day as dental implants are placed.  The first set of fixed dental implant teeth are referred to as the healing set.  The gum tissue needs to heal and will recontour (move) over a period of a few months.  The healing set of teeth look and function like normal teeth.  No one will know that these are “healing” teeth besides you and your dental implant dentist.  Once the healing is completed a new set that is custom CAD/CAM milled dental implant teeth will be made and will replace the healing set of dental implant teeth.  The dental patient will never go without teeth and the permanent dental implant teeth will fit confidently against the healed gum.  This fit ensures that foods do not become logged underneath the dental implant teeth.

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