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Your comfort comes first.

LabOur All-on-4® system by Nobel Biocare gives you the smile you want, without the struggle!

Did you know your new smile may be easier to achieve than you might think? At Mile High Dental & Implant Centers, we proudly use the All-on-4® teeth in a day system by Nobel Biocare because it offers the ease and reliability our patients love!

Prior to  All-on-4®, dental implant patients would have to have their teeth extracted, have extensive and expensive bone grafting, and wait for a minimum of six months. This is all while struggling with dentures, or in some cases, no teeth at all.

Once the dental bone grafts healed, these patients would often need up to 10 implants to replace just one dental arch of teeth (upper or lower teeth). Not only was this a second dental surgery, but it was also another three to six months of healing. Only then would the long process of creating the dental implant teeth begin.

All-on-4® does not require expensive dental bone grafting and the process only requires us to use just four dental implants per jaw (upper or lower), allowing fixed teeth to be attached the very same day. Because this is a simpler process than conventional full mouth implants, it is also about half the cost.

Not all dental implants are created equal and we’ve done our homework to make sure your journey to a healthy smile is as smooth as possible.

The All-on-4® treatment system is the original and highest quality product on the market. The true cost of dental implants isn’t just dollars and cents. We’ll help you understand the value of the All-on-4® procedure and why choosing Mile High Dental & Implant Centers is the best investment you’ll make.

Benefits of All-on-4®

The end of painful dental appointments
Oftentimes patients avoid the dentist because of a traumatic experience that left them with extreme anxieties. The All-on-4® system allows patients to have stable fixed dental implant teeth in one procedure while they are under sleep sedation. No one wants to remember their day at the dentist!

A beautiful smile
Look 10 or 20 years younger, in one day! Suffering from failing or missing teeth is not only physically painful but also hurts self-esteem. Our All-on-4® dental implant patients report “having a renewed sense of self-esteem.” You’ll wake up after your procedure and see your new beautiful smile.

Chewing & biting with confidence
Imagine going out to eat at your favorite restaurant again and selecting anything you want on the menu. The All-on-4® system puts an end to avoiding foods that are too hard for your teeth. You won’t have to worry about getting food getting stuck under your dentures or causing a denture to come loose.

Improved overall health
Health is what puts Denver, Colorado in the news so often. Our teeth-in-a-day patients state feeling better for various reasons. Perhaps it’s ridding the body of longstanding dental or periodontal infections, or the ability to chew and properly digest healthy foods. Healthier foods are often not an option for dental patients with dentures or failing and missing teeth because they tend to be too hard to chew. The All-On-4® system allows dental implant patients to focus on a healthier life.

Easy daily care
Just brush dental implants like they’re your real teeth; just like you did before dental problems. No need to take them out.

Smiling fully
Our patients often state they haven’t truly smiled or laughed in years because of self-consciousness. The All-On-4® dental implant system allows you to forget about what made you feel self-conscious in the first place.

Teeth that do not come out
The All-on-4® system is fixed in place permanently by our dental implant dentists. Unlike dental implant-supported dentures that click on and off of dental implants, the All-on-4® looks, acts, and functions just like real, healthy teeth.

You’ll look forward to dentist appointments
That’s right! Mile High Dental & Implant Centers dental implant patients report not being nervous of the dentist anymore. In fact, they look forward to seeing their favorite dentist. Remember though, you won’t be seeing the dentist as much after having your new smile completed. They’re just that reliable!

Not only will the All-on-4® treatment system help you achieve a beautiful smile, but you’ll also love knowing that you’ve invested in a smile that functions like natural teeth, allowing you to eat and smile confidently. You’ll go into the world letting your true self shine through!

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