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denver-dentist-ryan-cable.jpgDr. Ryan Cable has served the patients of Mile High Dental for over ten years performing simple to complex dental services including dental implants, oral surgery, complex prosthodontics, dentures, partials, crowns and bridges. By having all elements of dentistry within his abilities he doesn't take a one size fits all approach to your treatment.

Dr. Ryan Cable grew up in southern Indiana where he attended the University of Southern Indiana, was very active in research, and received a Bachelor of Science degree in biology. From there he moved on and attended the Indiana University School of Dentistry where he excelled in his class, received the Deans Gold Award for outstanding achievement on national board examinations and performed and presented research at national dental conferences.

Upon graduation, he was offered and attended the University of Nevada School of Medicine Dental Residency Program where he received advanced training in multiple aspects of medicine and dentistry including advanced oral surgery and dental implants, advanced periodontal and prosthetic surgery as well as complex prosthodontics and intravenous sedation training.

Dr. Ryan Cable has a wife and young daughter who he loves spending time with in the mountains. Dr. Ryan Cable is an avid backcountry skier, hiker, mountain biker and loves to play his guitar.

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