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About All-in-One Centers

Experience the ease of our “all-in-one” dental and implant care

OfficeConvenient, coordinated care at one of our three Denver metro locations.

At Mile High Dental & Implant Centers, your dental team is all under one roof. In addition to offering general dentistry services like cleanings and fillings, our on-site lab and imagining services mean you won’t have to drive around town to get the specialized dental services you need.

Our History

Dr. Malcolm Boone opened the first Mile High Dental & Implant Center location in 1979 in Denver’s Uptown neighborhood. His vision is to offer complete dental and implant services in a relaxed, comfortable, patient-friendly environment.  Dr. Malcolm Boone was one of the, if not the first, dental and implant centers in Denver offering general services in one location.  He soon realized that offering more than one location would help make an already great concept even more convenient for his patients. Today our team continues to specialize in implants and our board certified team includes prosthodontists who have specialized training to reconstruct a dental patient’s mouth with dental implants, crowns, bridges, veneers, or dentures. Meet our team.

Our Locations

We have three convenient Denver metro area locations. Which one of our dental & implant center locations is the most convenient to you?

Onsite 3D Scan

Mile High Dental & Implant Centers houses state of the art 3D CAT Scan X-ray machines in each one of our three locations. 3D CAT Scan X-ray machines are one of the essential items to providing all-in-one dental implant services. Our dentists skillfully place all dental implants via advanced computer imaging systems. This allows exact placement of any dental implant procedure that is completed.

Onsite Dental Labs

Onsite Dental LabOnsite dental labs allow us to control the quality of our dental work.  Dental offices without onsite labs depend on offsite labs that are often in another state, or another country.  Not only does this allow for mistakes through miscommunication, but also the quality of the lab tech and the quality of the materials used.

Our highly trained dental techs work closely with our dental implant dentists to create custom fixed teeth for implants & dentures.  Only the highest quality materials are used to ensure a beautiful smile in each and every case.

Our dental lab techs boast years of experience in the All-on-4® dental implant procedures. Creating a smile in one day takes years of training.

Call (303) 451-1111 today to schedule your complimentary consultation and 3D CAT scan at the Mile High Dental & Implant Center most convenient for you!