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Welcome to Mile High Dental & Implant Centers.  Serving the Denver, CO metro area for over 35 years Mile High Dental & Implant Centers offer four locally owned dental & implant center locations throughout the Denver Metro area.

Founder and owner Dr. Malcolm Boone has strived for the past 35 years to educate patients of their dental treatment options in a relaxed, comfortable & modern setting.

Our all in one dental & implant center locations offer 3D Cat scanners in each location, onsite dental labs in each location, onsite dental & implant specialist in each location.

Our Denver dental & implant specialists, Dr. Malcolm Boone, Dr. Ryan Cable, Dr. Ted Hauschildt, Dr. Chad Boustany, Dr. Ailar Bagherdaei, and Dr. Joseph Novak custom create dental & implant solutions to fit each dental & implant patient’s specific needs.


Call today to schedule your free consultation and free 3D CAT scan to get your personalized dental & implant options & cost at (303) 451-1111.


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